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When it comes to Guatemalan textile patterns and apparel, there’s no shortage of American brands in the Guatemalan market

Textile patterns for both men and women are a hot topic among Guatemalans, as the country’s government has sought to promote the textile industry to attract foreign investment.But while American textile brands are available to Guatemalas, American clothing brands have struggled to enter the market, and with few options, it’s a challenge that looms large […]

The World’s Most Adorable Fashion Trends 2018

The US is one of the world’s leading apparel markets.It’s home to a vast array of clothing styles, ranging from high-end brands like Calvin Klein to indie labels like J. Crew, with the majority of brands coming from Asia.It also boasts the largest market for online fashion retailer Zara, which has its headquarters in Chicago.But […]

Which textile brands are leading the way?

There is nothing new about the textile industry in the United States, with brands like Cotton and Lumberyard making their mark in textile production.But the textile trade has been slow to catch up to the emerging global textile economy.In the last several years, global demand for textile products has been on the rise, as consumers […]

Pune: A Pune textile factory that has helped India’s textile industry survive the impact of demonetisation textiles

Pune, India – The Pune-based textile industry has been spared from the impact from the demonetised currency ban, thanks to a factory owner who decided to keep the factory operating even as his business has been affected. On December 14, 2016, Raghavendra Das, president of the Pune High-Tech Industries Association, made a decision to close the […]

When the South Carolina textile district sued the federal government, it lost a war it had hoped to win

The textile district of South Carolina sued the United States Department of Commerce, seeking $20 billion in damages over its handling of textile exports to China.The federal government responded with a $6.5 billion claim in February. The textile district argued that the Commerce Department’s refusal to allow it to import U.S. cotton products to China was […]

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