J. D. Jones, the fashion designer and head designer at the designer’s New York office, is known for his quirky and quirky designs, and the clothes he makes are some of his most memorable creations.

Now, the designer is taking his style into new realms with the launch of his latest collection, The Fashion Show.

The collection features a range of pieces that have a distinct Brooklyn feel, including denim jackets, leather boots and a dress with a skirt that has a unique detail.


Jones said in a statement that his inspiration came from “the Brooklyn landscape.”

He said he wanted to make his designs feel “fresh, contemporary and unique” so that they wouldn’t feel dated or worn out. 

“I wanted to give my designs a distinct, Brooklyn look that is both timeless and new,” he said in the statement.

“The result is a wardrobe that is inspired by the unique characters of Brooklyn and its people, but with the added touch of whimsy and flair that come from being on the cutting edge of fashion.

I hope you will take this opportunity to experience the bold, fun and fresh New York fashion show.”

The collection includes a selection of jeans and sneakers, and will be on display at the Fashion Show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City from January 23-25. 

The collection is a collaboration between J. J Jones, owner of the clothing and accessories firm J.J. Jones & Son, and L.A.-based designer/fashion designer Rachel Stangor.

Jones has been making his own clothing since 2007, but he is one of the first fashion designers to create a collection based on Brooklyn, and he said that the Brooklyn look is a “real inspiration.” 

“My first design was a denim jacket.

I liked it.

I thought it was very cool,” he told The Huffington Post.

“Then I realized there were many different types of denim jacket out there.

So I just created a different one.

Then I was like, ‘I can do this,’ and I’m like, yeah, I can do that.

And then I started making jeans.” 

The new collection will be available to purchase in December through J.P. Jones. 

[Image credit: J. P. Jones] The fashion show will be open to the public for the first time this month. 

In addition to the denim jacket, the collection will also include a pair of denim boots. 

As part of the show, J. and Rachel are also partnering up with fashion designer Mark Seidman, whose collections are inspired by New York’s diverse neighborhoods and their people. 

It will be an event that showcases New York and the New York culture, Seidmans clothing, and art.

“The Fashion Show will bring the essence of the city of New York to the world, to the people who live there and to the designers and brands working on our collections,” J. Seidmann said in an Instagram post.

“It will showcase the amazing people and talent who live and work here.

We will be the face for fashion and lifestyle in the city and beyond.

We want to bring a bit of New Yorkers spirit and creativity to our New York studio and the rest of the world.” 

[Featured Image Credit: J J Jones]