RTE 1.

What is textiles?

Textiles are fabric made of polyester, cotton, nylon or nylon-coated nylon.

They are used in all of our everyday items such as clothes, hats, scarves, caps, scarfs, hats and jackets.


What do you buy?

You can buy textile fabrics online or at the store, by mail or by the post.

Most stores accept cash or credit cards.


What should I expect when buying textiles at the shop?

The shop is an essential part of your shopping experience.

As a result, we recommend you check our selection of fabrics and the selection of patterns.

We also recommend you ask our friendly staff for recommendations on other brands and patterns.


Can you tell me the names of the companies I can buy from?


The names of these brands are not visible in the store or in the shop, but we encourage you to look up their websites.


Can I get the names and contact details of the designers?


You can contact our designers by emailing [email protected] or calling us at 07908 565 624.


Can we see the sizes of the fabrics and patterns?

Please be aware that the sizes and weights of our fabrics and materials vary, and some may not fit as well as others.


Can my clothing be washed and dry at home?

Unfortunately, yes.

However, some fabrics may not be as absorbent or water resistant as others, and certain fabrics may have slightly different patterns and sizes.

Please ask our designers for advice if you are unsure.


Can your shop offer returns?

If your clothing is not as absorbant or water-resistant as the fabrics you have bought, we can offer a full refund.


Can a return be made?

We cannot provide refunds for any clothing that has been damaged during our collection or that has deteriorated due to washing or drying, however we can provide a full return.


How much does it cost to order?

It depends on the size and weight of the item.

You will receive a written statement of your purchase in the mail when you have received your purchase.

You must return the full purchase value, not the value of any items, including the packaging, in order to receive a full payment.


Can the shop refund me my shipping costs?

In order to facilitate a return, you will receive the full payment plus the shipping costs.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the refund process.