A report released Tuesday says Chinese workers at a factory in the United States are being forced to go to battle in Afghanistan to fight the Taliban.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism said a Chinese-owned firm in Virginia has hired an American company to work in Afghanistan.

The Bureau of International Labor Affairs said the company has a contract to provide construction materials and other services in Afghanistan, but that it is not clear how many Afghans will be employed.

The U.S. State Department said it has no comment on the report, but it noted that “the United States is deeply concerned about reports of a Chinese company contracting to conduct construction work in the country.”

Bin Laden Textiles has a history of employing Afghans and other workers from Vietnam, Thailand, China, and elsewhere in its factories.

The company also has a facility in South Korea, where it produces clothes for the Japanese and Korean fashion houses.

The report comes after a U.N. committee said on Monday that Afghan workers were at high risk of contracting diseases including polio and hepatitis, and urged the government to end the war in Afghanistan by Dec. 31.