By now, everyone has seen the recent video from the new ‘smartwear’ startup SmartWear, and it has been a bit of a sensation online, with the idea of the clothes getting smarter, and with more customization.

The idea is to make smart clothes so that you can wear whatever you want, without having to get a tailor.

But there is also a big question mark over the way the clothes will be made, as the company has not yet released its first product.

A new report by Bloomberg suggests that the company may have another big hurdle to clear.

Bloomberg’s article states that, at the moment, the smart clothing startup is working on a prototype that will be the size of a laptop.

Bloomberg says the prototype is being made from “a combination of 3D printing, 3D-printed nylon, and a high-density nylon material that could be as dense as a human hair.”

Bloomberg’s report adds that the prototype will have sensors in it that will tell the company how much material it is printing and whether or not the material is dense enough. 

The report also says that the prototypes that have been released so far are “very limited,” so there’s a chance that they won’t work well.

Bloomberg’s article goes on to state that the idea is “not a new idea,” but it’s one that has been around for a while.

“This is not a new concept,” says a company spokesperson, who says the company is “working on an open source firmware to build a high density nylon that could allow a smart clothes prototype to be made in a matter of days and then the smart clothes can be worn.”

The spokesperson says that “the prototype will be produced in-house at the factory we are currently working at.”