Africa textile styles are for men, women and children and the african style is the world’s most sought after.

Africa’s textile history spans over 2,500 years and is divided into three distinct regions: East Africa, Southern Africa and the Horn of Africa.

It is the home of the world-famous tapestries, a range of textile crafts and many other interesting cultural traditions.

The Afrikaans language is the oldest in the world and was spoken from around the world before European colonisation.

The Afrikaaners are known for their embroidery and traditional weaving techniques.

They also produce colourful fabrics, including a number of scarves and coats.

These include the kilt, kaffiyeh, sari, kimono, duster and the traditional hooded cap.

Afrikaans has the world´s oldest surviving language, which is still spoken by the Afrikaang community, with many of its most famous songs and dance traditions still preserved.

The language has also provided many of the most popular and enduring African customs.