NEW YORK — Textile giant Millsiken says it will offer $7 million to a nonprofit that plans to film the players on the court during games this season.

The group, New York City’s Highline, is working with the NBA Players Association to produce an unedited video of the players, who are mostly young men, on the sidelines during the season’s opening exhibition.

The video is scheduled to air on the NBA Network and the NBA’s YouTube channel.

“We’re very pleased to be part of the Highline effort,” Millsiken president and CEO Tom Cavanagh said.

“We hope to help bring more attention to this important cause.”

Millsiken is the world’s largest textile manufacturer and a pioneer in the field of apparel and footwear.

The company produces more than 10 million shirts, pants, shorts, socks, shoes and other apparel items annually, according to its website.