1 of 7 The most expensive clothing in the UK is on sale at a whopping £2,937 per pair. 

We asked consumers to rate the cost of clothing on a scale of 1 to 10 to see if it is too expensive or not.

The survey found that for every 1% of your purchasing power you are paying the equivalent of £100 a year.

The cheapest clothing on sale for a UK household was £8 per pair for an average price of £1,038. 

The cost of buying a pair of jeans on the average website for a man in 2016 was £14.97 a pair, but this fell to £13.47 in 2017. 

More: This new brand is bringing back the classic and it’s making you a better fit Read moreWe also asked consumers what they would pay for the items they would buy at home.

The most popular answer was £3.20 per square metre, while the second most popular was £1.65 per square meter.

The cost to buy an extra pair of socks was the cheapest, with a pair costing just £2.50, but we asked consumers who were buying a second pair to provide a more detailed breakdown.

The cheapest brand was Woolworths, with its cheapest pair costing £7.95.

The second cheapest brand is Aveda, which is selling the cheapest pair of pants for a family of four, which cost £13 a pair.

The best clothing for a young couple was an Adidas shirt with a price tag of £9.50.

The top selling pair was a pair by Dior, which was priced at £16.80. 

For the average British household, a pair would cost £3,039, while for the most expensive you would need to spend £4,054 a year to afford the items on offer.

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