Posted September 12, 2018 11:16:28The answer to the question of which textile is the most resilient to damage can be quite subjective.

Some fabrics like silk and wool are better for clothing and bedding than others, but the answer depends on the type of textiles used.

The following are five fabrics that have been studied extensively and have shown the best durability to the test of time:Wool is one of the oldest fibers, and the most popular fiber to be made into textiles.

Wool is commonly made into fabrics for blankets and bed linens.

Wool fibers are made from the woolen fiber, which is found in the seeds of the plant that makes cotton, and is the primary fiber of all other fabrics.

It is the main fiber in most products made from it, including fabric, textiles, and plastics.

In recent years, scientists have found that some of the most expensive textiles come from wool fibers.

Wools are made up of five types of fibers: