Textile clothing retailer Dahdoula is trying to become a full-fledged luxury fashion brand.

The brand, which opened its first store in France last month, is already selling high-end garments from its first line of clothing, which it describes as “dynamic” textiles.

The store has more than 300 employees, with the goal of doubling in size by the end of the year.

The company is aiming to sell more than 1,000 items per week, said Dahadoul Daghoul, co-founder and president of Dahdhoul Textiles, in a press release. 

The brand has two main lines of clothing: a high-performance jacket and a denim jacket.

The jacket is more luxurious, with a leather lining, and the denim jacket has a high degree of support and durability.

Daghouls apparel line is available in all of the major apparel brands, including Zara, J.

Crew, Gucci, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Dahdioul is aiming for a high sales volume and a good profit margin. 

“The demand for our clothing line is really strong.

We have the highest-quality garments for our customers to choose from.

The brands we work with are also well known and they also make great clothes,” Daghos said in the release.

“We hope to make our mark in the world of luxury fashion.” 

Dahdouls clothing line has a mix of materials, including leather, linen, and synthetic fabrics, which are designed to provide maximum comfort.

The high-quality fabrics are available in both women’s and men’s sizes, with all of them designed to be able to hold up to 100 hours of wear. 

Daghoul says the apparel line will be a big hit with women, with its jackets, dresses, shorts, and skirts offering comfort and protection. 

Other popular brands that Daghoules apparel line offers are Giorgio Armani, Burberry, and Alexander McQueen.

Dahs clothing line also sells a range of high-fashion accessories. 

It also offers a line of apparel for women in the form of shoes, gloves, and jewelry.

The clothing line, which is designed by Daghous designers, has a variety of materials and designs, including fabrics that come in a variety, sizes, and colors. 

In the end, Daghoels goal is to become the leading textiles brand in France.

Dohdoules clothing line will have stores in Paris, Brussels, Lyon, Brussels’ Stade de France, and Le Havre, the company said. 

This article originally appeared on TechCrunch.