The best places for clothing shopping online are not all the same, according to research by Jane Stafford textile mill owner Jane Staffords.

She said she was surprised by the number of clothing retailers offering discounted prices for items online.

She also said she found that many online retailers have more extensive customer support than the smaller local retailers.

“It’s not just about the clothes, the furniture and the car seats,” Ms Staffords said.

“But the whole shopping experience is just so much more pleasant when you can get everything on one site.”

While the majority of the retailers surveyed offer an online store, some also sell clothing and accessories.

Some have their own websites.

The Irish Post’s John Gormley said the online shopping experience was very different to that of a traditional store.

“A lot of retailers are not even on the same website, so there’s no customer service,” Mr Gormleys said.

The online shopping sites have a large number of different products and services.

“You get things for $25 on the site and a $5 discount on the second page and you can go back and pick out what you want,” he said.

Some of the online retailers also have online shopping plans that offer discounts to customers on a daily basis.

Mr Gomleys said the best way to get an item was to go to a store, ask a question and have the item delivered to your home.

“Then you can buy it, but it’s not delivered, it’s sent back to you,” he explained.

Ms Stafford said she felt the biggest challenge for her customers was getting the right product.

“I think that’s a huge challenge for any online shopper because they’re going to go back in and ask about the price and how they can get it cheaper,” she said.