AQ Textile has won the #1 spot at Cannes International Film Festival 2018, becoming the first French textiles company to win Cannes 2018 for the sixth time.

The company was founded by two brothers, Xavier and Philippe, and is based in Lille, France.

In its first film, “Aq,” the brothers wrote a story about a family in the mountains of Afghanistan who are haunted by an ancient curse, and are compelled to flee their village, in order to reach avenge their murdered elder brother.

“AQ” is set in Afghanistan, where the curse is the curse of the village and has been around since the ancient times.

The curse has been passed down to children, and many are cursed by their parents, who are also cursed.

In the film, the curse affects everyone in the village except the children.

“The curse has always been there in the world, but we had a chance to get the curse into film, to get it on the screen,” Xavier said in a press release.

The brothers were inspired by the story of “The Great Escape,” a film by Italian director Guido Caruso, who told the story that his mother was cursed by a powerful ghost and had to flee the village in order for her children to live happily.

“We are very proud to be at the very top of the list,” said Philippe.

“I’m so proud that we have managed to win this award.”

The film “Aqt” also won Cannes 2018’s Outstanding Short Film award.

“Q” and “Aqs” won the Outstanding Animated Short Film category, which is made up of a short film, a musical and a short documentary.

Q was the winner of the 2019 Golden Globe Awards for Best Animated Short and Outstanding Lead Actor for James Franco.

The “Aquarius” documentary film, which follows the rise of the global oil exploration and production industry, won the Golden Globe for Best Documentary Short and the Outstandings for Best Animation and Best Lead Actor.