Royal Plaza is a small retail store in Manhattan that specializes in restoring unstructured textile remnants from the royal palace of Versailles.

The store also stocks textile restoration products for other retailers and manufacturers.

When the Versaillese government decided to remove the original royal court from the public eye in the 1950s, Royal Plaza decided to turn its attention to unstructuring textile remnants of the royal court.

Royal Plaza had previously purchased a variety of fabric and textiles from the palace and had installed new, more sophisticated machinery to complete the work.

But after the collapse of the monarchy in 1979, the shop was left to work out of the palace.

Royal plaza is also known for its “sculpture” collection, which includes sculptures of the royals, their subjects, and the famous “Royal Arch” of Versaille.

The shop, which has a staff of about 10, is located at 37 W. 59th Street in the Financial District, across from the Manhattan Bridge.

In 2014, Royal plaza partnered with Brooklyn-based firm Unscrip, a private company, to produce a series of sculptures, paintings, and other visual artifacts that would become a permanent fixture of the store.

Royal Pavilion and Royal Pavilion in the Palace of Versi-Luce is a series created by the Unscrips sculpture and painting project, which was funded by the David Rockefeller Foundation.

The work features a series or “cadets” of royal, royal, and royal-related sculptures, a mosaic that depicts the king and queen, and a series that features the royal seal.

Royal pavilion is the largest of the two pavilions, measuring 10,000 square feet.

The pavilion was created as a response to Versailly’s decision to strip away its royal court and replace it with a public plaza in 1983.

Unscribble textile restoration was created by Royal pavilion in 2007.

Royal Palace Textiles, Royal Pavilion, and Royal Arch in the Royal Arch of Verses are also available for purchase through Royal pavillion.