The best sneakers for you: Why you need to wear them instead of running shoes.

Read more The company that pioneered the casual sneaker revolution has unveiled an all-new line of high-fashion sneakers that feature its signature patent-pending construction and innovative materials.

The sneakers feature the signature fabric of the brand and come in a range of colours and finishes.

The sneaker is the first in a series of new products by the company.

The new line of sneakers are inspired by the “diamond” design of the famous “Diamond Runner” sneakers.

“Diamond runner” is a name that comes from the fact that the shoes are made with a diamond-shaped material, which gives them a diamond quality.

The shoe has a design that has become synonymous with sneakers in recent years.

It was first released in 2015 by the Japanese company, Kering.

This was a collaboration between Nike and the designer, Yves Saint Laurent, who is also known for his footwear.

The shoes have now been released in the US and will be available at stores from April 15.

The “Diamond” silhouette is inspired by Yves and the brand’s “Diamond-like” design.

The Nike “Diamond Runners” were created to reflect Yves’ trademark design.

“When we were making the Diamond Runner shoes, we had a feeling that we wanted to make a shoe that is both comfortable and timeless, so the design of these shoes is inspired both by YVES and Yves,” says Jochen Schoenholtz, Vice President of Sales at JCPenney.

“They’re designed to evoke the feeling of a diamond, which is a very important part of the Diamond runner.”

The shoes are available in a number of colours.

The red colour is a “Diamond in the Rough” colour that is a reference to the diamond shape of the shoe.

The blue colour is the “Diamond Red” colour, which was created by a special process.

The grey colour is an homage to the black and white logo.

“The design of our Diamond runners reflects the diamond logo of the YVESSEN and the YVS COLORS brand,” explains Schoenhof.

“We think the Diamond-like feel of the shoes is very fitting for this brand.

The Diamond Runner is an elegant, timeless design that also has the potential to become a statement piece.”

JCP and JCPENNEY will be collaborating to launch the new line in April.

“For Yves, a designer, the Diamond runners have a special meaning,” says Schoenhoets.

“Yves is known for designing unique and innovative footwear, and we believe the Diamond Runners will be a great fit for the brand.

They offer a high-end and contemporary style, while staying true to the spirit of the original diamond-inspired shoes.”

The brand also revealed a few more details about the “Ride” shoe.

“It is an ultra-soft, waterproof, high-tech shoe that can be worn anywhere, and for those who prefer a softer look, the Fly and Fly Fly Fly 2 will also be on offer,” says the brand in a statement.

“These sneakers are made from a unique, premium synthetic material and feature the same high-performance rubber sole as the Diamonds.”

The Fly and the Fly Fly are the only pairs of shoes available for sale at retail, which are designed for people who want to wear the shoes with their favourite socks.

The pair is available in black and grey and costs $149.99.

The Fly Fly and a pair of “Diamonds” sneakers are available for $179.99 at J.

Crew and at Forever 21.

“Riding is a way of life,” says Yves.

“This is what makes the Diamond brand unique and the Diamondrunners an excellent choice for people looking to bring their love of cycling to the street.

The diamonds are the real deal.

They give this shoe a special look and feel.”

The company will also offer the new shoe in two new colourways: a “White Diamond” shoe and a “Black Diamond” style shoe.

They will be offered in white, black and gold.

“I want people to wear these shoes for the style they want to go for, and to say that I was inspired by them,” said Yves at the launch event.

“From my heart I want people around the world to embrace these sneakers.”

“These shoes are the perfect way to introduce the brand to a new generation,” added Yves in the statement.

The brand says the Diamond shoes will be sold in stores from May 10 and in select JCPens in Europe, Africa and the US from April 30.

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