The royal plaza textile has been in development for over a decade and is a staple of the global garment industry.

The textile is constructed with an organic and sustainable design using the finest materials, including bamboo, silk and wool.

It has been designed with ease of assembly and is the most durable of all textile products.

Here’s how to get started with the royal plaza silk textile.


Select the material you need.

Selecting the material for your royal plaza will be crucial to making sure the fabric meets the specifications and quality standards.

Most textiles will come in three different varieties: polyester, viscose and cotton.

Select between one of these or choose a second material such as cotton or silk.


Select a starting fabric.

Select one of the following fabrics for your design: cotton, silk or bamboo.


Choose the thickness of your textiles.

Choose from 1.

5cm (2.5 inches) to 6cm (3 inches).


Choose how the fabric will be dyed.

Select from one of four options: black, silver, green or purple.


Choose your size.

Choose between 4.5cm (1.9 inches) or 6cm.


Select where you want the textiles to be cut.

Choose a different cut from the one shown in the image.


Choose what your textile will look like on your dress.

Choose one of three different options: plain, floral, or floral print.


Choose fabrics for the lining.

Choose either a cotton or cotton blend.


Choose where you will cut your fabric.

Choose another cut from that shown in this illustration.


Choose which fabric will hold your fabric and how to attach it.

Choose to glue or glue on. 11.

Cut the fabric.

This step will determine the length of your fabric so that it will fit your fabric with ease.

For best results, use a cutting machine.


Use a ruler to measure your fabric length.

Choose 5cm, 6cm or 7cm.


Cut your fabric into strips.

Select any two strips and cut them together using the two strips.


Attach your fabric to your fabric by cutting through both strips.


Sew the fabric together.

Select each of the four strips and attach it to your garment.


Finish sewing.

Select your fabric, and cut it to the desired length.


Cut out your pattern.

Select two squares from the pattern, one with the bottom facing upwards, the other with the top facing downwards.

Make a stitch and pin the two squares together to form a triangle.

Sew it to a piece of fabric, attach it and cut out a piece.


Pin the pattern onto the garment.

Make two rows and sew them together.


Attached to your garments, your royal palace will look beautiful!


Enjoy your royal garden.

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