Australia’s biggest textile makers are hoping virtual reality technology will help them sell more than a few more products.

The Australian Textile Industry Association (ATIA) is one of the leading manufacturers of textiles in Australia.

It is also the world’s largest producer of synthetic fibres, which are woven from synthetic cotton.ATIA chief executive, Mark D’Arcy, said he was “delighted” that a VR headset was now being used by some of the industry’s biggest names.

“The VR headset has been a great success for us,” Mr D’Ary said.

“We are seeing the growth in demand and so are the new customers we are attracting and the quality is getting better.”

It’s just exciting times and we’re seeing it in all sorts of industries.

“Mr D’Arthur said he expected VR to become an increasingly important technology for the industry as demand for virtual reality continues to increase.”

You can imagine a time where you’re in the same room as your customers, and you’re seeing that they’re using VR for things that you can’t do with a traditional screen, so we’re looking forward to that,” he said.

Mr Daurys comments came after a number of other major textiles companies, including the US giant American Eagle, Australia’s largest textile producer, and the UK’s leading textiles firm, American Apparel, announced that they were developing VR products.”

Our goal is to become the world leader in the VR industry and to be a leader in our own industry, and we think this technology is going to be one of those drivers,” Mr Poulter said.’

Virtual reality can bring us to a new level’One of the first major virtual reality products that has been announced is the VR headset, which Mr Dauries said is a game changer.”

This is the first time we’re introducing a VR product to our customers,” he told reporters.”

What we’re doing is we’re bringing VR to the consumer with the VR technology.”‘

Virtual realities have the potential to bring a new era to Australia’Mr Durtsons chief executive said he hoped the virtual reality headsets would be widely adopted by businesses and consumers.”

Virtual reality has the potential, and there is so much room for innovation in the world, to bring the economy, to help us achieve our global ambition of being the leading economy in the 21st century,” Mr DiArcy said.AAP/ABC