New wave of textile apparel from the world’s leading textile brands hits the Irish market.

Boro, the world leader in Irish textile, is the only major European company that is not owned by the state.

It is in the process of opening its first plant in Ireland and plans to open a new plant in the US next year.

The company says the new wave will deliver an unprecedented global value for the Irish textile market, with a value of €2.5bn ($2.8bn).

The company said the new textile wave will be the largest ever in Ireland.

Boros, which has offices in Italy and Spain, said its sales from Ireland have reached €4.5 billion, and that its sales to the European market were up 15.6 percent on the year.

Boys are the largest target group for Boros in Ireland, with the majority of its sales in Ireland coming from Irish girls.

Boros said it has plans to invest €2 billion in new plant to manufacture textile and apparel products for the EU, US and other countries.

Irish retailers will be able to buy from Boros and other European brands, but the Irish government will have to make the final decision on which brands will be allowed to sell in Ireland from now on.BOROS has an 80 percent market share in Ireland but has struggled to break into the US market, where it has an estimated 8.5 percent market size.

Its products are popular with young people and fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Nike.