Peruvian fashion designer and textile manufacturer Alberto López has won the first International Fairfield Textile Design Award.

The award, given by the Fairfield International Textile Show, recognizes the best in textile design, which Lóñez is well known for.

Lóña, whose design studio was founded in 2001, said he wanted to create a unique and modern textile design in Peru, one that has an image of the beauty of Peru and the strength of the country’s indigenous people.

“We want to tell the world, that this is not just a textile,” Lóño said.

“This is a garment that can be a symbol of Peru, a symbol for the whole world.”

The Fairfield’s textile design award is the first of its kind.

The award is awarded annually to a designer whose textile design has “made a major contribution to the advancement of a field or field area in which the design was created.”

The Fairfield awards are designed to celebrate and celebrate the best designs, products, and textile production that have been created in Peru.

“My aim is to represent the beauty and strength of Peruvian culture, history and people,” Lón, a designer and graphic designer, said in a statement.

“I am a symbol to this beautiful country.”

Lóñas designs have been featured on the covers of major newspapers and magazines and his designs have also been sold in Peru through the company’s website.