The following article is by Andrew Marra, a visual design professional with years of experience, and author of the new book, Designing with Photoshop: A Guide to the Creative Process and Techniques.

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The following image is an example of a design by Andrew, and the text is written in a style similar to the logo of the company that makes it. 

It was created with Adobe Photoshop, and has been reproduced with permission from the image. 

If you want to know more about Photoshop, you can learn more by visiting its official site, which includes an introduction to the tool and its many benefits. 

Andrew is the founder of Andrew Marra Photography, and co-founder of Designing with Photoshop, an app for designers that enables you to work from anywhere. 

He’s also the author of The Art of Designing: Creating Great Graphic Design and The Adobe Photoshop Companion, both available from Amazon. 

You can follow Andrew on Instagram at @alexmarra, and he also blogs at Aerospace Design.