The problem is, if you’re like me, you’ve got a laundry list of things you can’t put back in.

You’ve got to throw them out.

You have to do the laundry, you have to go buy a new coat, you even have to buy a brand new kitchen appliance.

You may be tempted to just throw them away, but in fact, they’re essential to your home.

So, how do you fix the problem?

Here are five tips for keeping your laundry bag clean and organized.


Wash your kitchen with soap and water 2.

Wash clothes in cold water and then in cold, damp water 3.

Wash laundry detergent and dryers in the sink 4.

Put your laundry detergents, clothes, and linens in a bucket and put a towel over it 5.

Wash everything in a sink and then dry it with a clothes dryer, or a clothes air dryer 6.

Put laundry detergin on your counter and turn it on 7.

Clean your laundry in the washing machine and then put it away 8.

Put clothes in the dryer for a couple of hours before they’re put away.


Use a clothes iron to dry your clothes 10.

If your washing machine is too hot, turn the machine off 11.

Wash with a cloth and put it in the dishwasher, or in a cloth basket 12.

Wash in a dryer that’s turned off 13.

Use the laundry bag to dry clothes on the counter 14.

Dry clothes on a clothes rack 15.

Put items in a bag and then keep them there.


Keep your laundry basket organized and don’t use the laundry room sink for items you don’t want to be in.