Fairfield has been a textile mill for more than 100 years, but the industry has always been run by a single family.

Now, that family is going into a new era as it prepares to open the first production facility in Dublin in nearly 40 years.

John Logue and his wife, Sue, have had their factory in the village for the last three decades, working on their five-year-old daughter, Sophie, a special needs child.

She has been working in the textile industry since she was born, but now Sophie will be able to start school next year.

She told The Irish Sun she is excited to see the first customers and that her daughter is very excited about it.

“I am just so excited that Sophie is going to get a great education, which I am sure she will do so well,” she said.

“She loves it.

It is just such a big leap forward for us, especially when we are the first family to have a factory here in Fairfield.”

It is going the right way.

It was so hard to get started but now I am looking forward to starting the next chapter of my life.

“Sophie has had a great time at school so I think we are really excited.”

Mr Logue, who has owned the mill since he was 17, is looking forward too.

“For the first time we are starting a new chapter for the family.

We will be opening a new factory in Fairfields and we will have a production facility there in Dublin,” he said.

It is not just about making a profit.

The Logue family is also proud of the role it has played in shaping the industry in the area.

“We have had a very significant impact on the fairfields fabric industry in Ireland and we want to continue that legacy for the next 40 years,” Mr Logue said.

The factory will be a new business and will employ about 100 people, with a workforce of about 40.

Mr Lique is determined to continue his family business and he said he will continue to work with the local community and the community in general to ensure Fairfield continues to be a vibrant community.

“The town has changed so much since I have been here in the 1950s and 1960s.

The towns population is growing so much and we have got to take that into account and try to preserve what makes Fairfield what it is,” he added.”

So I want to ensure that Fairfield stays the same and remains a vibrant town and I want Fairfield to stay the same for the foreseeable future.”