Textiles from the top five fashion brands that were affected by the Great American Washing Machine are being made in the U.S. again, but the new plants and equipment are only coming to factories in the Southeast.

The plants will be built in Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas, and all of them are on track to start exporting in 2018.

Here are the key changes: *New plants and factories are expected to start production in 2018 for: *Aladdin Clothing: The factory that makes jeans, hoodies, shirts, and sweaters.

Aladdin has already been using a new plant in Louisiana and Georgia to produce the jeans, which it expects to begin shipping to retailers in early 2019.

*Slims: The brand that makes athletic wear.

 It is the second U.K.-based apparel brand to make new clothes in China after Ralph Lauren. 

The company said it will start making jeans in China in 2020.

The jeans will then be shipped to markets in the Middle East and Africa.

The Chinese apparel manufacturer says that it is currently working with local partners to prepare its production for export to the United States.