HONG KONG — Bay State textile producer, Hmong textile producer and apparel designer Hsiu-Ling Wu is working on the next phase of his career: the development of a fashion line that will help China grow its economy.

“I want to make clothing for people in China.

For me, China is like my personal home, so I wanted to expand my family,” Wu said.

Wu and his partner, Tai Nguyen, started the company in February.

It is currently in the final stages of the project, which involves partnering with several brands to produce fashion accessories for a Chinese clientele that includes brands like Hsiao, Siam Textile Co., Koryo & Co., and Wai Weiwei.

Wu said the clothing line will also feature a range of brands that represent different ethnicities in China.

“The clothing line has been made possible through my own personal investment and experience with Chinese business,” Wu explained.

The company, which was founded in 2017, is looking to raise funds for the apparel line from Chinese investors.

Wu has secured a 10% stake in the company through his investment company, Wu Liao Investment Co., according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

In order to be successful in China, Wu said, his company will need to diversify its business, focusing on emerging markets, such as India and South Korea.

Wu’s investment firm has also secured a 25% stake with his investment partner, Hoang Tan, the report added.

Wua has been in China for a few years and said he is a “realist” about his work in China and its economic prospects.

He said he would like to develop his skills so he can work with local textile companies, especially in the Bay Area.

“When I get the chance to work with companies, I want to work on developing my own expertise in the area,” Wu told the WSJ.

Wang said he wants to use his experience in fashion to help other young Chinese entrepreneurs, and said the Chinese government will give him a “green light” to continue working in China as long as he complies with regulations.

Wau, who is from a prominent Chinese family, said he hopes his company’s clothing line and other initiatives will help promote the country’s development.

“If the country really wants to improve its economic growth, then I think it will help its young people develop, and they will become more innovative,” Wu added.