by textile design creator James R. Dutton, you’ll notice how the design is actually a combination of many different things.

A classic silhouette, a playful mix of color and texture, and even a few subtle nods to vintage or the industrial.

If you’re a fan of classic style and don’t want to get too specific, here’s a selection of our favorites:The original was created for an advertisement for the brand of clothing manufacturer that Dutton had worked for.

The new one was designed by the designer for the new brand.

The original is a classic silhouette with a very modern twist.

The colors of the fabrics are also modern in the sense that they’re more muted and muted in color.

It’s a very playful, fun-filled piece that has a lot of great details in it.

The fabric is soft, and it’s very comfortable.

It fits like a glove.

Ditto for the texture.

The fabrics are very soft, too.

I love how the colors are so bold and bold in the fabric.

It really grabs you.

The color is a nice, bold contrast to the rest of the fabric, and the details are so subtle that it’s hard to tell.

The yarn is so soft, it doesn’t feel like you’re knitting a sweater.

This is one of those classic designs that is very easy to make and can be worn for a few days.

It doesn’t take much time and it doesn and always looks good.

It makes a great centerpiece or accessory, too, since it’s easy to change out depending on the mood you’re in.

The new one is a bold and playful silhouette with an industrial touch.

The cotton and nylon fabrics are warm and soft, with a hint of blue.

The print is a bit darker and the contrast is great, too: it’s a modern, bold look.

It also has a bit of a modern feel to it, so if you’re into vintage or industrial, you might want to pick up a new pair.

The old one is very modern and fun to make, with lots of bold colors and a lot more detail.

The texture is a little bit brighter and more colorful.

I like that it has a slightly modern, vintage feel to the fabric; it’s just a nice change of pace.

I also love that it is a super easy and fun way to work with yarn, so it’s great for a lot different projects.

You might not be familiar with Dutton’s work before, but it’s worth checking out.

You can find more of his work here: