Textiles are still being used in some ways, but with modern technologies they can also be upgraded to meet the needs of modern consumers.

A smart textile restoration project in India aims to bring a nostalgic touch to old-fashioned textiles by using technology to restore the look of textiles that were made decades ago.

According to a press release from the textiles restoration company, the restoration project, called The Art of Textiles, will “recreate the beauty of the old textiles through the power of technology.”

The project has received a $4 million grant from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) to fund the project.

The project will utilize cutting-edge technology to make the old textile pieces and the surrounding materials, such as leather, wood, and fabric, “smart.”

The technology is not being used to replace old-style fabrics in the restoration process, but to improve the look and feel of the original textile.

“We want to give these beautiful old textsiles the beauty they once had,” says Aakash Kapoor, co-founder of the project and a former director of the textile restoration institute in Bengaluru.

“It will bring back a sense of style to old textile works.

The goal is to create a textile restoration for a period of 10 to 15 years.

We are going to start this project in 2019.”

The textiles will be cleaned and re-finished, and the old fabrics will be returned to the textile industry.

The company says it plans to make more textiles for the project in the future, including old clothes for people who want to make textiles of their own.

The art of textile restoration is not just for textile enthusiasts, as there are many other restoration projects in India, including restoration of old-time textile products, textiles made in a textile mill, and textiles produced by local artists.

Here are some of the other projects we found out about from Tech Insider.

The Smart Textile Project in India – “Bringing back old style”