President Donald Trump has made Kellyann Conway his “chief strategist” and he’s already used her to help him sell a massive, three-month-old stimulus package.

The president is giving her a massive amount of authority that has already been used to build a massive White House.

She has already started talking to top executives about what to do with it, which is just one more way that Trump is giving Conway what she’s used to doing at the White House, a senior administration official told Recode.

In addition to her senior White House job, Conway has been a chief financial officer at the Trump Organization, a top-tier media executive, and a key adviser to the president.

She will be a key player in the administration’s long-term strategy, one official said.

She is also taking a more senior role in the Trump transition effort, where she will oversee the hiring and hiring of key staff.

In all, Conway will work closely with the president on the economic team, and will be on the transition team for the legislative team, a person familiar with the transition said.

Conway will oversee all the transition’s communications, the White the White, and the business and economic teams, according to her résumé.

She also will serve as the president’s liaison to the business community and a senior adviser to Cabinet officials, the résumadnt states.

She was a senior vice president at the private equity firm Blackstone, according the rérames.

She served as Trump’s senior adviser on national security and foreign affairs, and has also been a senior aide to former President George W. Bush.

She led the Trump campaign during the 2016 campaign, working on the campaign’s digital operation and strategy.

A former Wall Street Journal reporter, Conway was also the White house director of strategic communications in the White Senate, according her réram.

She joined the Trump administration in February as chief operating officer.

Before joining the White Houses staff, Conway worked as a senior executive at the Wall Street journal.

She previously worked for the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia.

In her role at the golf club, she helped set up Trump’s golf club as a hub for the president and his family.

Conway previously served as the White houses chief political adviser and deputy communications director, according his bio.

The White House has not commented on Conway’s hiring, which was first reported by The Hill.

But in a statement released on Thursday, Conway’s spokesman, Michael Short, said the WhiteHouse was “pleased to confirm that Kellyannde Conway has joined the President’s transition team.”

The WhiteHouse did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Recode about whether Conway had been promoted to a senior WhiteHouse position.

Conway, the president, and other top White House officials have been in talks with Congress to finalize a package of spending bills that would be the first big piece of stimulus legislation in the presidents first year in office.

But the Trump White House is looking for someone to help get it done, including the top financial adviser to President Trump.

Kellyannee Conway will be in charge of getting Trump’s economic agenda through Congress.

That’s going be really important to the President.” “

I’ve never seen this level of excitement about a package that’s going to be signed and actually made to go to the American people.

That’s going be really important to the President.”

The president has made a number of moves to help advance his economic agenda, including appointing Conway to a key role in his administration.

The first major move came in mid-May, when he named her to a top position in his transition team, according Recode’s sources.

That led to speculation that the Whitehouse had moved to replace her with someone more loyal to Trump.

On Tuesday, Conway defended her appointment to the administration, telling the Wall St. Journal that the Trump-appointed transition team is “doing exactly what it was meant to do.”

“The White House was not considering this person because she was loyal to the Trump team,” Conway said.

“She was appointed by the president because of the commitment that she made as his chief economic adviser.

And so that’s what we’re trying to do, which, again, I think is really important because, again to me, she was a very important player in his campaign and her relationship with the Trump family is very important to me.”

She added that “there’s a lot of things that have to be done” in the immediate aftermath of the hurricane, which killed several people in Puerto Rico.

“We’ve got to do everything possible to get back on track, and we’re going to do that.

And it’s really important that we get back to work.”

The second major move was in early July, when the president appointed Conway to serve as an adviser to his economic team. “Kellyanne