We all know that China is the second most expensive country to shop in, but there’s a lot you can find at discount outlet outlets.

This post will help you pick the best outlet for buying textiles at an affordable price.


Hangzhou Textile Market and Paper Mills2.

Beijing Textile Mall3.

Jilin Textile & Apparel 4.

Beijing Textile Co.5.

Bejing Textile Group6.

Dalian Textile and Apparel7.

Zhejiang Textile Industry8.

Shanghai Textile Factory9.

Shaoxing Textiles & Apparels10.

Beihe district Textile Park1.

Hengzhou Textiles and Textile Refinery2.

Hukou Textiles3.

Wuhan Textiles4.

Zhongguancun Textiles5.

Shenzhen Textile Industrial Co.6.

Lijiang Textile Plant7.

Wenzhou Textile Manufacturing Company8.

Xinjiang Textiles Factory9;Hengshui TextilesFactory10.

Zhaofeng Textiles Industrial Company1.

Beidai Textile Textile Company2.

Jiaozi Textile Engineering Company3.

Qinjiang Semiconductor Corporation4.

Sichuan Textile Technology Co.

China has over 100,000 textile factories, and more than 5,000 of them produce textiles.

Some of the most popular textile brands include:Hengdian, Hengdia,Hengxi,Dianji,Guiyang,Liu,Mingyu,Yantai, and Yuxi.

There are many other textile companies in China that are also producing textiles such as:Beiheng, Jiangzhou, Guiyangyuan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Guilin, and Jinzhou.

Many of these companies are based in Guangdong province.

They produce textile products for export and import.

Haiyin Textiles, Huiyin Textilis, Haiyan Textilizes, Huaiyun Textilises, and Huiyuan Textilizers are some of the textile brands.

These textile companies produce textilizer for different products.

Some products such as handbag and bag, necklaces, pillowcases, and cushions are made from these textilizers.

Some are also made from textiles that are imported.

There are also some textile shops that are located in the country that produce textile items for sale.

For example, you can get clothing, accessories, bags, wallets, and wallets are made out of textiles made by these textile shops.

There is a variety of textile products that can be found at these textile stores.

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