Month: October 2021

What you need to know about textile recycling

What you should know about the technology behind textile recycling.| Source TechCrunch article What is textile recycling?It’s a new, high-tech way of recycling textiles, from clothing to shoes and other products.| It involves using advanced computer algorithms to make sure the material used is of a high quality, then letting it run in a cool […]

How to Make a Wall Textile in 5 Easy Steps

title How To Make a Decorative Wall Textiles in 5 Simple Steps article Title The Best Textile Dyeing For the Crafty, the Hardy and the Creative article title Textile dyeing in 5 simple steps article title The best textile dyeing for the crafty, hardy and creative article title Learn how to make a beautiful, unique […]

When the textile company goes down, so do you?

The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration said on Wednesday that the company it has sued to hold it responsible for the deaths of five workers at a sewing machine factory in Virginia was at least partially responsible for three deaths of workers at the facility.The agency, the Occupational Health and […]

Which Bay State Textiles are Best?

By now, you know the basics of how to read and write on a computer screen.There are also plenty of apps that can do the same thing, including a few popular ones, such as Ink.Now, a company called Ink, which is developing a brand-new interface that’s better for the eyes than the human eye, is […]

How to Use Pinterest to Build a Beautiful Fashion Collection

Peruvian Textiles has become an inspiration for many creatives around the world.Its collection of unique and beautiful textiles includes everything from vintage prints to embroidered leather.Its designer, Guillermo Guerrara, said he was inspired by his grandmothers work to create the brand.“My grandmother was a textile designer,” he said.“She was a very passionate artist and a […]

What’s behind the surge in Canadian textile exports?

After the recession hit, the textile industry collapsed.The industry lost nearly half of its Canadian workforce.At the same time, new opportunities were opening up.“It was like, hey, you know what, we should really start to diversify our economy,” said Darby Smith, who has spent more than a decade in the industry.“And so that’s what we […]

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