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When the South Carolina textile district sued the federal government, it lost a war it had hoped to win

The textile district of South Carolina sued the United States Department of Commerce, seeking $20 billion in damages over its handling of textile exports to China.The federal government responded with a $6.5 billion claim in February. The textile district argued that the Commerce Department’s refusal to allow it to import U.S. cotton products to China was […]

When you’re looking for a good pair of jeans

What’s a good fit for you?A new study shows that denim is one of the best materials for the right denim pair.The research is published in the journal Textile Research & Engineering.It found that denim’s stiffness, elasticity and stretch were three of the most important attributes of a good jeans pair.“When it comes to denim, […]

Why do we care about Carolina Textiles?

If you’ve ever been in an NC textile district you’ve probably seen the many, many people working in the textile section.They work at home, at the mall, or at the coffee shop, and they all have a story to tell.While they might be hard to get to, they’re there to make a difference.So, why are […]

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