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How to build the perfect royal plaza textile

The royal plaza textile has been in development for over a decade and is a staple of the global garment industry.The textile is constructed with an organic and sustainable design using the finest materials, including bamboo, silk and wool.It has been designed with ease of assembly and is the most durable of all textile products.Here’s […]

When Unscrambled Textiles Become Royal Textiles

Royal Plaza is a small retail store in Manhattan that specializes in restoring unstructured textile remnants from the royal palace of Versailles.The store also stocks textile restoration products for other retailers and manufacturers.When the Versaillese government decided to remove the original royal court from the public eye in the 1950s, Royal Plaza decided to turn […]

Textile Exchange in Japan’s Cotton Triangle: A ‘Gigantic’ Business With More Than 100,000 Employees

The Textile Mills in Kawasaki, Japan, are part of the cotton textile industry, a global industry with a global impact.Textile exchange in Japan is a huge business with over 100,00 employees, according to Japanese textile giant Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.The textiles are made in various types of machines including sewing machines, spinning machines, weaving machines and […]

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