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NFL players to wear red, white and blue in ‘Make America Great Again’ hats and t-shirts after ‘red, white, and blue’ tweet

By NFL Media Staff | September 28, 2018 10:55am ETWASHINGTON — Players from the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys will wear red and white “Make America Red and White Again” hats and other items after President Donald Trump’s racially charged tweet calling for a boycott of NFL games.The NFL issued a statement Monday announcing […]

How to Treat Lisa Fine Textiles, Textile Dermatitis

LISA Fine Textile, a textile dermatitis manufacturer based in New Jersey, was found guilty of falsely advertising that it had a cure for fine textile allergies.The trial, which was held in the Northern District of New Jersey and heard testimony from multiple experts, included testimony from former president of LISA, David H. Fuchs, who said […]

Why you should avoid cotton textiles

We live in a world where the average person spends more time on their phone than they do on their face.In other words, we spend an average of $4.60 per day on our smartphones, which is a significant percentage of our disposable income.It is also a significant amount of money for our environment, as well.A […]

Why Evernote is losing to Apple News

Evernotes, the online archive and messaging app, is getting a lot of attention.But that attention isn’t necessarily healthy.The company is losing market share to Apple, and it’s losing customers to the company’s competitors.On Thursday, we talked to the chief executive of Evernotes founders, Scott Hirsch, to see what’s really going on.Evernots’ biggest competitor, Slack, is […]

How to shop at the best discount outlet in China

We all know that China is the second most expensive country to shop in, but there’s a lot you can find at discount outlet outlets.This post will help you pick the best outlet for buying textiles at an affordable more 1.Hangzhou Textile Market and Paper Mills2.Beijing Textile Mall3.Jilin Textile & Apparel 4.Beijing Textile Co.5.Bejing […]

스폰서 파트너

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