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When ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Was an ‘Ace’ Actor

The star of ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ‘Saturday Countdown’ has had his fair share of celebrity come-ons.His most recent, however, may be one of the strangest.According to TMZ, Yankovich, 54, was the first person to sign a $100,000 deal with a text-to-cash-out service when he accepted a $10,000 check on his birthday last month.The deal […]

When the textile company goes down, so do you?

The United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration said on Wednesday that the company it has sued to hold it responsible for the deaths of five workers at a sewing machine factory in Virginia was at least partially responsible for three deaths of workers at the facility.The agency, the Occupational Health and […]

How to Use Pinterest to Build a Beautiful Fashion Collection

Peruvian Textiles has become an inspiration for many creatives around the world.Its collection of unique and beautiful textiles includes everything from vintage prints to embroidered leather.Its designer, Guillermo Guerrara, said he was inspired by his grandmothers work to create the brand.“My grandmother was a textile designer,” he said.“She was a very passionate artist and a […]

Which Textiles Are the Best?

By Lisa BrownThe Australian paper’s editors say they have narrowed down the best-selling textiles for women.They have looked at how different types of fabrics have fared in different countries and what other types of textiles are being made and used.The editors said the survey, which was designed to give consumers the best advice possible, is […]

How to get rid of the ugly textiles

title Textile Museum Datsa datsa article title The Datsas Textile museum in Datsac, Croatia, makes its debut article title Datsi Textile Factory in Dato’S, Croatia opens to the public article title First Datsani Textile factory opens in Croatia article title Croatian textile factory unveils its first product article title It’s official!The Dato family’s brand of […]

The best and worst jobs in Germany

Posted by Simon Leech on October 07, 2019 08:05:50The most important job in Germany is the CEO, according to a new survey.According to the survey conducted by Deutsche Welle, the top job in the country is the chair of the board of directors.According the survey, the number of companies that had CEOs with the title […]

Why do we love textiles?

4FourTwo: Why do you love textics?I was a teacher in college, and I had to come up with a new way of teaching, and in that time, I’ve discovered a whole slew of different ways of teaching textiles.There are all these different ways you can teach textiles: in classrooms, in workshops, in online classes.I’m a […]

Why is bamboo textiles so good?

The bamboo textile industry has expanded rapidly since the 1980s, but its popularity has not been matched by an increase in the productivity of the textile industry.In a recent paper, we examined the productivity, quality and market value of the bamboo textile market.We looked at the number of fibers used to make the bamboo textile […]

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