How to mine the next crypto-currency, Mahota Textiles

How to build your own crypto-currencies?The next crypto currency will come from India, the latest news report from CoinDesk shows.Mahota textile company Mahota Technologies has raised $100 million in the first round of funding led by Sequoia Capital.The investment was led by former Sequoias CEO Justin Klebanis and former Goldman Sachs executive Eric Rosengren.The company, […]

China’s ‘new art’ for the 21st century

China has unveiled a new art exhibit featuring textiles and objects from the ancient Maya empire.Key points:The exhibition includes textiles dating from pre-Columbian times, such as pottery and ceramics, to the modern era, including clothing, shoes and handbagsArtists are using new technologies to create the artworkThe exhibition is the largest public display of Maya ceramical […]

Which team is playing better this week?

This is the best game of the week in spades.With the New England Patriots in New Orleans and the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle, this week’s best teams are the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.And while the Broncos are playing better, they also have the second-best record in the NFL.Let’s take a look at the […]

Which textile companies have the most creative employees?

Guatemala’s textile industry has had its share of innovative workers, but few have been as important as a Guatemalan textile worker named Juan Carlos Llana.The 32-year-old Llana is an apprentice at a factory that specializes in creating textile textiles for the Guatemalan government, the United Nations and other countries.Llana has a flair for the creative, […]

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