Which are the best new tech fabrics?

The internet has changed our lives.From the way we buy clothes, to the way companies like Amazon are reshaping the fashion industry, the internet has fundamentally changed how we shop, and that has changed the way our bodies look and feel.From jeans to T-shirts, from smartphones to home furnishing, from laptops to handbags, these fabrics […]

Why do we care about Carolina Textiles?

If you’ve ever been in an NC textile district you’ve probably seen the many, many people working in the textile section.They work at home, at the mall, or at the coffee shop, and they all have a story to tell.While they might be hard to get to, they’re there to make a difference.So, why are […]

How to shop at the best discount outlet in China

We all know that China is the second most expensive country to shop in, but there’s a lot you can find at discount outlet outlets.This post will help you pick the best outlet for buying textiles at an affordable price.read more 1.Hangzhou Textile Market and Paper Mills2.Beijing Textile Mall3.Jilin Textile & Apparel 4.Beijing Textile Co.5.Bejing […]

How to save $300 in 2018? Axios

You know how you get the money back if you buy an iPhone?By paying $300 to a third-party retailer.Or if you want to pay $150 for an iPhone XS Max?Well, you’re going to have to wait until 2020.The big takeaway: Consumers are likely to save up to $300 on their 2018 bills.That’s a significant savings […]

‘It’s like the biggest Christmas gift ever’: How Kellyanne Conway’s job is being transformed by Trump’s rise

President Donald Trump has made Kellyann Conway his “chief strategist” and he’s already used her to help him sell a massive, three-month-old stimulus package.The president is giving her a massive amount of authority that has already been used to build a massive White House.She has already started talking to top executives about what to do […]

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