Why you should wear jeans instead of sneakers

The best sneakers for you: Why you need to wear them instead of running shoes.Read more The company that pioneered the casual sneaker revolution has unveiled an all-new line of high-fashion sneakers that feature its signature patent-pending construction and innovative materials.The sneakers feature the signature fabric of the brand and come in a range of […]

A new way to make textiles from plants

textil is a new line of textiles that use textiles harvested from plants.These fabrics, known as textiles by the brand name Textil-A, are made from plant-derived fibers, such as hemp and cotton.These fibers are harvested through plant-based methods such as cutting, sewing, and dyeing.They are typically made from hemp or cotton with natural and synthetic […]

How to make a $300 denim jacket

The best way to spend a few bucks is by looking at what others are spending.And there are a few things you should be aware of when buying a pair of jeans.First, consider what they are wearing and whether they are getting their money’s worth from a new pair.Some jackets are made with a new […]

When Unscrambled Textiles Become Royal Textiles

Royal Plaza is a small retail store in Manhattan that specializes in restoring unstructured textile remnants from the royal palace of Versailles.The store also stocks textile restoration products for other retailers and manufacturers.When the Versaillese government decided to remove the original royal court from the public eye in the 1950s, Royal Plaza decided to turn […]

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